John Deere Financial is excited to announce that we have extended our portfolio to include John Deere Construction and Mining equipment. The John Deere Financial objective is to support you and your business to benefit from tailor-made asset finance, which saves you money in the process. To deliver the best possible service and solution to our clients, John Deere Financial is built on four key pillars, namely: Convenience, Commitment, Competitiveness and Insightfulness.


Time is a valuable asset, which is why John Deere Financial works hard to make it as quick and easy as possible to receive financing when you purchase John Deere products. The company has a dedicated representative in most areas who can help clients through the entire financing process. John Deere Financial has a team that is ready and waiting to visit its clients, assess and understand their unique needs, and recommend the most fitting financial solution. With the necessary permission, it is even possible for the John Deere Financial representative to assist in gathering the documents from the accountant or auditor. In this way, both parties can do what they enjoy, and the client can focus on what he does best. 


Our clients invest in John Deere with the purchase of new John Deere equipment. In return, John Deere Financial wants to contribute to the success of our clients and their business. Unpredictable circumstances can easily disrupt the plans of our clients. During these times, John Deere Financial can provide the necessary support by presenting flexible solutions to their clients. John Deere Financial also recognises that business cycles may differ from year to year, which is why the payment date can easily be extended by a month or two, working with the client’s cash flow cycle. 


The first thing people consider when it comes to financing solutions is good interest rates. The financial package structure, along with considerations of the term and deposit, means that our clients can expect rates as low as prime minus 9%. This low interest rate means smaller installments. Competitiveness does not end with interest rates. However, the speed of these services, the type of financial solutions available to our clients, and their convenience all add weight. By positioning John Deere Financial as the market leader in the financing of John Deere equipment, the company challenges competitors to continuously improve their service and price, all to the benefit of our clients. 


John Deere Financial continues to grow with the business of our clients. Through this, the company ensures that its service and solutions remain relevant and sufficient to meet the growing needs of our clients. In the construction environment, John Deere provides custom-designed financial solutions and support with fast approvals. John Deere Financial invites customers based in the construction, mining, quarrying business, and farmers interested in purchasing new equipment, to contact their nearest John Deere Dealership or directly on africa@johndeere.com.

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